Cebu is known for iconic Pinoy food such as lechon, chicharon, torta, dried mangoes, and otap. But in recent years, it’s becoming known for the distinct taste of its local brew. Tuburan coffee, which is organically grown in this mountainous town of Cebu, is now recognized as the official coffee of the province. One of the popular local coffee shops there, Coffee Dream, as well as Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, source their coffee from the town of Tuburan. Radisson Blu, on the other hand, offers the refreshing goodness of Tuburan ice cream.

The unique flavor of Tuburan coffee could be attributed to wind and location, says City Administrator Steve Salipot. Unlike the coffee in Batangas and Cavite, which are grown in the lowlands, Tuburan coffee is grown almost 2,000 feet above sea level, so it doesn’t capture salty water. Its Robusta seedlings came from Tagum, Davao del Norte, the same seedlings used by global brand Nestle, but planted on very high ground.


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